Block Bookings are now open for Pilates - only a few spaces left.. All courses are block bookings (usually 6 weeks) incorporating Pilates based matwork which strengthens core (stomach muscles), stabilisation exercises used, alleviates & prevents back pain, improves body awareness and posture. Corrects muscle imbalances and increases flexibility/suppleness. Trigger Point Pilates incorporate myo-fascia release with the use of foam rollers and prickly balls which relieve tension in tight stif muscles and benefit everyone. Mind Body Pilates has an additional relaxation section at the end of class. Release the body & mind.


An aerobics workout which physically works the heart and lungs and burns calories. Also excellent for toning legs and buttocks. Cardio Step involves a step board and gets the heartrate up with power, always an option for low impact moves if preferred.. Cardio Step offers basic moves to focus on workload, be prepared to sweat hard!!! Learn to Step to master the basic moves and Step safely and effectively for fantastic results.


Refined Pilates exercises which strengthens core (stomach & back muscles). (6 weeks course) Ideal to help prevent back pain, mobilise the joints, improve circulation and stretch the entire body. Designed for the more mature and beginners.


THERE IS NO BARRE CLASS ON THE TIMETABLE AT THE MOMENT. All over body conditioning class specifically working on those problem areas, the legs, the bums & tums. Includes an upper body workout to rid yourself of those bingo wings! This class using the ballet barre and is a new trend of fitness but no tutu is required.


ZUMBA session have re-started in the studio. Contact me for details. Zumba® fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away. Our goal is simple; we want you to workout, to love working out, to get hooked. Zumba Fanatics achieve long term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exhilarating session of caloric-burning, body energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life!


THERE IS NO DANCE FIT CLASS ON THE TIMETABLE AT THE MOMENT. A tune banging dance class where the moves are broken down, practised and then performed. A great class if you are one of the folk that love to dance and it keeps you fit whilst doing so....


CURRENTLY NO BOOTCAMP RUNNING AT THE MOMENT. If fat loss is your goal, Kickstart your body into shape, Sign up and go for it! Cardio & Endurance, Strengthening & Stretching. You've nothing to lose but weight!!! Bootcamp testimonials" I loved it, loved the competition and how much energy it has given me" Sam, I really benefited from the 4 times as it helped me achieve my goals" Corinne, "Everyone motivated each other, Bootcamp made me attend the sessions as I probably wouldnt have done the workouts at home", Pamela."I loved the overall variety of exerciseand felt motivated by the group. I feel much fitter and more confident in my clothes as a result, thank you" Fiona.


SENIOR FITNESS due to number restriction which I am keeping the next few months. Therefore two session 10AM & 11.15am & SENIOR DANCE on a FRIDAY AT 10.30 AM.Senior fitness is gentler movement with music, a variety of low impact exercise to include a cardio workout (strengthens the heart and lungs & burns calories) and conditioning toning exercises to re-shape the body. You work at your own level. Senior Dance is ladies who just loves to dance, a mixture of zumba, line dance and even a bit scottish country dance ever so often. It keeps you fit and young at heart.

FITKIDZ Friday Classs

Fitkidz Friday is for 4-12 year olds. Keeping our young fit and active with fitness and dance on a Friday at 1.30pm (school term). Also includes craft fun. If they love to Dance, its great music with choreographed moves. Various music types, Disco, Chart, Pop, Hip Hop!

Corporate Workshops

NO CORPORATE WORKSHOPS ARRANGED AT THE MOMENT. Variety of workshops for the workplace which encourages stress busting tools including relaxation, body awareness sessions, healthy lifestyle balancing, team building workshops from 1 – 5 hours. For full details contact us today.

Well-Being Workshops

A selection of various workshops, lectures and presentations all incorporating Well-Being. Small groups for a professional service and attention. Dates and details check out the website www.samdeansfitness.com or our information board.